Reception children at William Leech Primary have been very patient indeed as they have waited for just over 20 days to welcome some very special visitors to their class.

Mr Kennedy came to visit the classroom at the beginning of March, bringing eggs and explained that they would hatch in 3 weeks and would be in an incubator in the classroom to stay warm. He also explained to the children what they would need to do to look after the chicks once they hatched. The children started their countdown and were very EGGcited to arrive in school yesterday to find 6 baby chicks! By the following morning they counted 14 chicks in their incubator and are looking forward to taking the lid off so they can care for them over the next two weeks.

This is all part of their Egg Enquiry learning this half-term where they have been thinking about new life, have read a number of different story books linked to eggs and have also learned about life cycles of frogs and caterpillars. The EGGcitement isn’t over yet though, as the class are also eagerly awaiting for butterflies to emerge from their chrysalises in the next week. What an EGGxellent end to term that will be!