Headteacher and Designated Safeguard Lead (DSL) Mrs A. Thompson
Admin Manager Mrs L. Halliday
Caretaker Mr S. Kennedy
Catering Manager Mrs D. Darling
Catering Assistant Mrs P. Wealleans
Learner Welfare Mrs R. Wright
SENDCo and Mental Health Lead Miss R. Kelly

Teaching staff

2-year old provision Ms L. Redford, Ms J. Pearson
Nursery Miss W. Scott, Mrs L. Madine, Mrs D. Thompson
Reception Mrs V. Dewar, Mrs J. Rodgers, Mrs H. McDonald
Year 1/2 Miss J. Storey, Mrs D. Bevington
Year 2/3 Mrs N. Fletcher, Mrs E. Taylor, Mrs C. Gray
Year 4/5 Mrs R. Gawn, Mrs A. Wood, Mrs C. Lambe
Year 5/6 Dr E. Porter, Mrs T. Campbell

Support staff

Speech and Language Teaching Assistant Mrs T. Hope
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs D. Thompson
Lunch Supervisors Mrs F. Floyd, Mrs M. Murray
Cleaning Staff Ms J. Taylor, Mrs D. Woollett